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Hey CASA member!

You're probably here because you want to know more about becoming an official CASA committee member. As advertised, there will be an AGM (Annual General Meeting) held at Alcoa Court (grass to the north of building 201) on Friday November 16th, at 3pm.

To nominate yourself for one/a few of these positions, please fill out the form below! To have a read of role descriptions, scroll down.

or copy and paste this link into your browser (

The positions to be elected are as follows:

Executive positions:

- President: The president is ultimately responsible for everything that goes down at CASA, good or bad. President is also responsible for making each architecture student's journey through Curtin as smooth and full of sleep as it possibly can be. The President does everything… EVERYTHING.

- Vice President: The president's right hand man/go to/personal assistant/slave (just kidding) (maybe).

- Secretary: You'll need to write agenda and minutes for meetings, and follow up by publishing the minutes. You need to oversee the club website and social accounts (keeping social media team accountable + answering inquiries), and manage the incoming emails too. You also will need to maintain an up-to date log of all current members.

- Treasurer: The treasurer is in charge of ALL THE MONEY. You can the shots on how much we can spend, so have to keep ongiong records of ALL spendings and earnings for the club. This job is for mature, grown up, responsible people only who won’t blow the budget on fancy moleskins or beers for the fridge (both essential though, can be purchased in moderation).

Sub Committee:
(2 per folio)

- Social Team: Plan fun stuff so students can let their hair down! (dodgeball/basketball/futsal, SoDBE ball, quiz nights, bar crawl/wine tour, BBQs/pizza lunch, End of Year Exhibition (EoYE))

- Education Team: Plan educational stuff so students can learn stuff (software workshops, skills tutorials, additional mentoring, study sessions, guest speakers, urban sketching, End of Year Exhibition (EoYE))

- Networking Team: Plan opportunities for the students to network with industry and the real world (Industry Night, events with SONA, wine + cheese night, competitions, advertise external opportunities, End of Year Exhibition (EoYE))

- Social Media team: You will need to attend club events and document it with photos to instagram and facebook. Creating advertising material for our various events. Manage the CASA website and social accounts (posting regular memos and keeping them up to date).

Year Representatives:

As a year rep, you are the liason officer between your year group and CASA. It's your job to get friendly with all of your classmates and tell CASA if there are any issues/needs/complaints with your expensive education before Evaluate becomes available and suggestions can be made for the following year group (e.g. too late). This way CASA can put on their and go and have a firm yet productive discussion with important Curtin staff to make sure something is done about it.

- 2 Representatives per year: 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year.

- 1 Representative per year: 4th year (Masters), 5th year (Masters).

General Committee Members:

(8-12 representatives)

General committee members get to be involved in all the fun parts of being on CASA committee without as much responsibility. You'll get to choose which sub committee team to work with and have your vote on all the goings on of CASA at the fortnightly meetings.

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