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Moon to Mars 2069 | Design Brief :

It is the year 2069. It’s been exactly 100 years since humans first set foot on the surface of the Moon. We have now maintained a presence on the Moon for over three decades and it is an integral part of our future planned exploration of the solar system under the ‘Moon to Mars’ initiative. The lunar outpost serves as both a scientific experimental facility and as the base of strategic mining operations to extract resources and refuel our crewed missions to Mars. Together with the lunar gateway station on the Moon’s orbit, it forms the basis of an emerging lunar economy that supports long term human presence in deep space.

Imagine a human habitat on the Moon that caters to a community of up to 30 people, showcasing the innovative and sustainable evolution of lunar living, and the preparation for the upcoming Mars expeditions.

This competition is not just limited to architects; it is a call to all those who dream about human presence in deep space to imagine the future of human habitation. Dive into the realm of pop culture for a whimsical twist. Reimagine Tintin’s journey from ‘Explorers on the Moon’ or Roy McBride’s arrival at the moon base in Ad Astra. Embrace the deserted landscape of Tatooine in Star Wars or Arrakis in Dune. Or envision a future where technological innovations have paved the way for a more sustainable approach to human living. You are encouraged to play at the boundaries of reality and imagination, and contribute your vision to establishing a sustainable human presence on the Moon.

If you need help with forming a team, join the Discord Community at

"Students can enter as individuals or in small groups of up to 5 members. As an annual event, our hope is to help foster a culture of inter-disciplinary collaborative teamwork in Architecture that brings together aspects of Engineering, Robotics and Automation with Psychology, Health and Human Factors to imagine the future of human habitation. We already have strong support from both government and industry partners, and as we continue to grow, we aim to engage the next generation of architects with industrial innovation to help define a diverse and inclusive future workforce. Accordingly, this year’s theme invites participants to imagine a human settlement on the Moon in the year 2069." - Dr. Amit Srivastava (Chair, Australian Space Architecture Challenge)


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