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Ground Matters - Event + Competition


For Students By Students: Ground Matters will be a five day event held in

nipaluna/Hobart for students and recent graduates to engage in a diverse array of

informal discussions and activities which seek to interrogate what ground matters

means to us as individuals and to the architectural profession.

The five day congress program will be centered around a primary conference day at

which we will learn from an array of local, national and international architects. The

workshops with conference speakers will be held on accompanying days to further

explore conversation amongst peers which have arisen. Additionally, workshops will

explore local perspectives, including first nations engagement and local building tours

and experiences. Parties will be held each evening, continuing on the excitement and

camaraderie every day.

The unique natural environment of lutruwita/Tasmania serves as an ideal backdrop to

the congress. With spectacular and pristine landscapes at the doorstep of our cities, the

inextricable connections between nature and the built environment are ever present. If

architecture is the end, the ground is the beginning. So how can we reframe our

architectural thinking to ensure that ground is at the forefront of our work?


For(e)ground is a competition that prefaces Ground Matters 2024 by inviting participants

to engage with the themes that will be explored during the week of the congress.

For(e)ground is a creative endeavour exploring the human nature relationship with the

ground as the foundation upon which we build our lives, structures, and civilisations.

The brief aims to provoke thought and emotion about our connection to the ground and

the intricate ways in which it shapes us and we shape it. We call for all creatives to

come together to share your best encapsulation of the rich and complex symbiotic

relationships we share with the ground we stand on. Whether through collage,

photography, rendering, painting, or sketching, the possibilities are limitless.

Check out our website for more details and registration information for the competition.

We have some great prizes on offer, including free tickets to attend the congress if you

win! Our jury members are Andrew Steen (UTAS), Alexandra Brown (Monash) and

Raymond Arnold, a local Tasmanian Landscape artist.




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