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Sustainable Stirling Winner!


Congratulations to CASA's very own Grace Usher who was the Tertiary winner of Sustainable Stirling Student Design Challenge!

Grace is one of the two lead educators for CASA 2024. She's a creative at heart and has spent her life learning all sorts of different musical instruments, singing, painting, arts and crafts, gaming (sims was what started her love of designing buildings), and her current hobby is producing her own music!

Grace told us about the Sustainable Stirling Competition...

"Alongside junior, secondary and tertiary students, we were tasked with "coalition of the infilling" - engage in the creation of an innovative and sustainable infill design project (and) develop and physically model a sustainable urban infill design project for a real-life suburban block."


"I designed a sustainable infill project. The project took me nearly two weeks to perfect, including the floor plans and what sustainable materials to use. I had to meet Design WA's 10 principles which are evident in my project. Having already completed 'Urban Context', I was luckily enough to already have investigated these principles. The project includes three houses, each designed with sustainability in mind and respecting the existing trees and house on the site. Shared amenities include a shared office space, gardens, outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven and fire pit, bike storage, vegetable garden, and a carport. The design encourages community interaction and demonstrates a commitment to sustainable living and innovative design."

If you would like to connect with Grace or see more of her work, you can find her at

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