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About us

Curtin Architecture Student Association (CASA) represents the Curtin University architecture and interior design student community. We represent the growing community of architecture and embrace the inter-disciplinary teachings of the School of Design and Built Environment, expanding our membership to those in Construction Management, Creative Arts, Design, Geography, and Urban and Regional Planning.

The 2020’s have become decade of global change with a growing focus on health and community. CASA aims to venture into this future with an emphasis on social engagement. We seek to connect the various discipline and year groups with each other. To create a collaborative mentoring space, encourage rest and respite, and connection with industry.

Through community we will help our peers establish their identities in architecture. Collaboration we will build design skills. Participation in social activities and events will encourage a healthy study/life balance for our peers.

With CASA, you will receive numerous benefits of long lasting friendships and gain access mentors and industry alike at our events. We are invested in the personal and professional growth of our community.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

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